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This page was updated on February 09, 2000

Sample Ads, headlines and copywriting tips

Remember, these are SAMPLE ads and headlines.  If everyone uses the same ad, the effectiveness can drop. Use the tips below to create your own ads based on these or based on your own experience and intuition.

On the other hand, there's not the same "burnout" with banner ads. Use the banners below wherever you can... on your own website, on other's sites, in banner exchange programs, etc.

Don't forget that, if you're a Member, and your on autoship, you get to use "tracking codes" after your SFI ID#. That way you know how effective your ads are. For information about upgrading to Member, click here.

Sample classifieds

These are ads that we have run in classified sections of websites, in E-zines, in opt-in list, etc. Remember, we're always looking for new, good ads! Also, there are other samples posted at http://sixfigureincome.com/affiliate/. In these samples, replace the xxxxx.xx with your Associate ID # and a 2-digit tracking code so you know how the ad does!

A totally generic ad we've used is:

Would you like to make money online?

You can start earning $20-$200 a day, working less than
30 minutes a day at your computer with our PROVEN
Six-Figure Income system! No obligation. FREE details.
Limited time offer. Respond now and get The Internet 
Income course ABSOLUTELY FREE! A $299 value. 
Go to http://sixfigureincome.com/free/?xxxxx.xx

Other ads that have worked:

FREE Affiliate Program develops a passive, 
self-perpetuating income stream!!

Enroll in our FREE SFI Affiliate Program and develop a 
passive, self-perpetuating income stream through our FREE 
international co-op advertising program!
Your FREE Internet Income Course
Get your FREE Internet Income course RIGHT NOW!
Go to www.sixfigureincome.com/free/?xxxx.xx
At last, a PROVEN system you can use to turn 20
min/day at your computer into $2,000+ a month in
your pocket! Even if you don't have a website or
a product to sell! Get your EXCLUSIVE Six-Figure
Internet Income Course ABSOLUTELY FREE! A $295 value.
Limited time offer. ACT NOW! Go to 
SPECIAL BONUS - sign up for your FREE course NOW and
get a LIFETIME subscription to the "Six-Figure Income"
online magazine -- let $100,000+ earners teach you
their success techniques. A $149 value. FREE when you
GO TO www.sixfigureincome.com/free/?xxxx.xx NOW!
EXTRA BONUSES - Go to www.sixfigureincome.com/free/?xxxx.xx
NOW and you'll also get these FREE bonuses

     * The Downline Online 21-day Promotion course -
     a day-by-day plan for your online success. A
     $299 value!
     * FREE tested money-making website. Start earning
     money TODAY! Cost THOUSANDS to develop... you can
     use it FREE!
     * FREE shares in our EXCLUSIVE international ad co-op.
     You'll start getting FREE leads that build your
     business FOR YOU as soon as you sign up!
     Go to www.sixfigureincome.com/free/?xxx.xxx
     and SIGN UP NOW!
STUFF An Extra $200-$500 in Your Pocket Every Month!

Through our FREE SFI Affiliate Program you can 
earn hundreds of dollars every month on sales of 
subscriptions to Six-Figure Income Magazine, 
advertising in SFI Magazine, and on dozens of our
exclusive informational products and business-building
We'll provide everything you need:

     FREE fully-integrated Affiliate Website 
     FREE Sample Ads 
     FREE full-color Internet-ready banners 

You also receive:

    FREE lifetime subscription to our exclusive 
    Six-Figure Income Newsletter featuring marketing
    tips, secrets, techniques; how-to articles;
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Is YOUR bussines growing like this?
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One of my most successful ads is the one that's part of my FFA page autoresponder.
Everyone who submits to my FFA page gets this sent to them:

Your commission check

To start getting your commission checks, sign up in our
FREE Six-Figure Income program and let it work for you!
Some of our members make $20-$200 every day!

You get the sales system that online marketing 
millionaire Gery Carson spent over $10,000 developing...

 * FREE money-making website - $499 value
 * FREE Six-Figure Income Newsletter - $99 value
 * FREE online training - $299 value
 * FREE products with BIG commissions
 * FREE tested ads and marketing system

Go to 
to get all the details NOW!


A shorter version of the same ad....

Getting your commission check
To start getting your commission checks, sign up at:


You'll get all the details in seconds and be able to 
start getting paid in HOURS!


Why do these work so well? My guess: because the people getting it are probably in an affiliate program, so they see the subject line and think this is about money owed to them. Then the copy just asks them to go somewhere to find out about the money that could be theirs. And the URL looks more official than the other registration page at sixfigureincome.com/affiliate/register.html. Sneaky.

Another one that works for a similar reason uses the subject line:

About your money-making affiliate website

Here are some other good headlines you can use to point to the affiliate registration, page or the product pages or the main page (you'll know which is which):

Double your downline in 7 days! FREE report!
FREE home-biz Success magazine!
Turn 25% of your prospects into distributors, GUARANTEED!
Why your MLM business is FAILING! FREE REPORT!
FREE Online income training - $299 value!
The "BIG LIE" about Network Marketing. FREE REPORT!
FREE NEWSLETTER by MLM millionaire Gery Carson
Go Home, Get Rich! Insider secrets to home-biz success
NEW! Six-Figure Income Online magazine - FREE subscription

Add your own! See below for help in doing so.

The bottom line with ads is TEST THEM! Sometimes changing one word will double (or cut in half) your response rate. Run the ad, see how it does, make one change and also change the tracking code. Try it again and see if it does better or worse than the previous ad.

Banner ads

To use a banner ad, save it to your hard drive, then upload it to the website where it will be displayed.

To save an banner, either right click on the banner, or hold down your mouse button on the ad. When you see the menu of choices,  select the choice that says something like "Save Image as..." 

Below each banner is the code you would use to display the banner.

turn1.gif (1241 bytes)

<p align="center">
<a href="http://sixfigureincome.com/free/?YOUR-ID#">
<img src="turn1.gif" width="468" height="60" border="0"
alt="Get your FREE Internet Income Course - Click Here">


Get your FREE Internet Income Course - Click Here

<p align="center">
<a href="http://sixfigureincome.com/free/?YOUR-ID#">
<img src="banner1.gif" width="468" height="60" border="0"
alt="Get your FREE Internet Income Course - Click Here">


Get your FREE Internet Income Course - Click Here

<p align="center">
<a href="http://sixfigureincome.com/free/?YOUR-ID#">
<img src="banner2.gif" width="468" height="60" border="0"
alt="Get your FREE Internet Income Course - Click Here">


Get your FREE Internet Income Course - Click Here

<p align="center">
<a href="http://sixfigureincome.com/free/?YOUR-ID#">
<img src="banner3.gif" width="468" height="60" border="0"
alt="Get your FREE Internet Income Course - Click Here">


Get your FREE Internet Income Course - Click Here

<p align="center">
<a href="http://sixfigureincome.com/free/?YOUR-ID#">
<img src="banner4.gif" width="392" height="72" border="0"
alt="Get your FREE Internet Income Course - Click Here">

This next banner is for Clickbucks. Gery's sample ads at http://sixfigureincome.com/clickbucks/ are about GETTING the magazine. This ad is about the value of GIVING IT AWAY!

Earn $$ GIVING AWAY a FREE success magazine!

<p align="center">
<a href="http://sixfigureincome.com/yes/?YOUR-ID#">
<img src="banner4.gif" width="468" height="60" border="0"
alt="Earn $$$ GIVING AWAY a FREE succes magazine!">


Anatomy of an ad -- how to write classified ads that drive people to your site.

If you want to be a HUGE success in this business, you'll learn how to write an effective, simple headline. If you want to me  MASSIVE success, you'll learn how to write a good, short, powerful classified ad.

There are two parts to a classified ad, the headline or subject (if it's an email), and the body copy. This is just a teaser to get you thinking about creating your own ads.

When a prospect reads a good headline, she thinks, "That's something I need, something I want, something that solves a problem I have!" What makes them think that? Welcome to the art of copywriting. You want some ideas? What are the headlines that you respond to? Why? Copy those headlines (not word-for word!)

Offering something free is good, something new, something with insider secrets of how to do something. A good quote can work. Offer a benefit to the reader. Instead of more money, how about the thing they want to do with the money: "take your dream vacation"  Use the words "you" and "your." Give away samples.

In the body copy, make it simple. Again, give people benefits they want -- time to spend with their family, a business they can be proud of, or do in minutes a day, respect from their friends and family, to provide for their children or parents, to wake up when they want to, etc.

Your ads need a "call to action" -- "click here now," "fill out this form," "send an email to me."

Include urgency and a fear of loss. "Act NOW, supplies are limited." "Offer ends in 3 days, CALL NOW!" "First come, first served, everyone who signs up after you earns you money -- SIGN UP FAST."

Include guarantees and ease their mind. "No risk. No obligation. Nobody will call you."

Unless otherwise stated, all material 1999, Steven Sashen. sashen@downlineonline.com